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  • Ph.D in Aerospace Engineering, 2003, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

  • M.Phil in Applied Mathematics, 1999, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Hong Kong

  • M.S. in Applied Mathematics, 1998, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China

  • B.S. in Applied Mathematics, 1995, Shandong University, JiNan, China

Dr.  Yongsheng LIAN

I am an associate professor at the Mechanical Engineering Department of the University of Louisville. As the director of the Computational Thermal and Fluid Dynamics Laboratory, I and my group conduct research in multiphase flow including multi-scale simulation of drop impact, supercooled large droplet for icing, nucleate pool boiling, and multiphase packed bed reactors. Another research area is computational aerodynamics including fluid and structure interaction and shock-bubble interaction. ​ I am also the faculty advisor of the Rocket Team and 3D Printing in Microgravity Team. 

Telephone: 502-852-0804


Current Students












Yan Chen


Ph.D student, Multiphase flow simulation, drop impact on pattern surfaces

Yisen Guo


Ph.D student, Multiphase flow simulation, drop impact on dry and wet surfaces, aircraft icing 

Russell Prater


Ph.D student, Fluid and structure interaction, Detached eddy simulation, high pressure injector system  

Andrew Work

Ph.D student, Ice adhesion, helicopter icing prediction  

Timothy Petrosius

M.S student, multiscale multiphase flow simulation, nucleate pool boling  

Former Students





Timothy Broering                 

Ph.D 2012, currently assistant professor at the University of Louisville

Muheng (Justin) Zhang         

Ph.D 2012, currently research engineer at CD-Adapco










Kyle Hord                            

Ph.D 2014, currently research engineer at CD-Adapco


Nick Greco                             

B.S. 2010, currently Blue Origin



Kyle Schmidt                        

M.S. 2010 

Steven Zwanzig                  

M.S. 2012 

Matt Fuller                           

M.S. 2010 

Even Bush                             

B.S. 2010, currently Ph.D student at George Tech.

Former Visiting Scholar

  • Dongsheng Yang, Hitachi Electrical Application Co., Shanghai, China

  • Haishui Jin, Hitachi Electrical Application Co., Shanghai, China

  • Guojie Song, Tsinghua University, China

  • Ronan Serre, Université Pierre et Marie CURIE, Paris, France

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