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The computational fluid & thermal dynamics laboratory at the University of Louisville was funded in 2008.  In the laboratory we conduct cut-edge research in the broad area of multiphase flow and computational aerodynamics.  Currently we are working on aircraft icing, nucleate pool boiling in microgravity, multiphase packed bed reactor, and fluid/structure of high pressure diesel injector.   Past projects include flapping wing aerodynamics, dynamic stall, gas-liquid jet flow, phase change material, and conjugate heat transfer for refrigerator. 

The laboratory is equipped with 5 serves with 160 cores and multiple desktop computers. We have both in house software and commercial software for different problems. 


Our work has been supported by NASA, Air Force, NSF, Kentucky Science and Engineering Fundation, General Electric, Hitachi, and Cummins. 

Our former students have either successfully landed academic and industrial jobs or pursued higher degrees at other prestigious universities.


Andrew Work will defend his proposal on September 19, 2016
Prof. Haoxiang Luo will give a seminar on October 7
Dr. Brian Motil from NASA Glenn will visit us 


Oblique impact of drop on a thin film.  When the surface is wet from previous drop impact, the splashing demonstrates different mechanism. 

Droplet impact on dry surface surrounded by air of different densities. High density air exerts high resistance on the spreading liquid lamella and causes splashing. When the surrounding air density is low splashing is either alleviated or completely suppressed

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